New Insuranks Study Finds Tesla Model S & Roadster Are the Cheapest Tesla Models to Insure

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PALO ALTO, Calif., April 21, 2021 - A new Tesla insurance cost study that was recently published as part of a broaded average car  insurance cost and auto insurance quotes study, has found Tesla model S and Tesla Roadster to be the cheapest Tesla models to insure in 2021.

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The extensive study, which was released in April 2021 along with some Lamborghini insurance cost insights, has found that the average insurance costs of Tesla model S is $1,832 a year, which can get down to $1,092 a year with USAA, while Tesla Roadster averages $1,800 annually.

This is not too far from the national average full coverage insurance cost of $1,732 a year or $144 per month, based on the research. It is, however, more than the general national average of $1,348 per year, or $113 per month - and much more than the national minimum liability car insurance cost average of $550 per year or $46 per month for only bodily injury liability coverage and property damage liability insurance coverage, as well as a lot less than the national average of $482 a year or $40 a month for non owner car insurance policies across the United States of America.

The study also discusses Tesla's auto insurance, how to purchase it, how it works, where it is available and provides tips on how to reduce the cost of Tesla insurance.

Among the other vehicles that has been covered so far you can find a BMW insurance cost studyHonda Civic insurance cost study, and many more. More vehicle insurance rate findings are expected to be covered and released throughout the year for the benefit of the community.

Insuranks, which was founded back in 2019, is focusing on raising consumer awareness to help them make better and much more informed insurance decisions while saving money on their coverage expenses. 

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