Insuranks Ranks 2020's Best Life Insurance Companies

February 16th, 2021, the leading online insurance marketplace and educational website that was founded by Israeli entrepreneur, Ofir Sahar, has published its ranking of the best life insurance companies and services of 2020.

The ranking is based on customer reviews as well as expert analysis of countless life insurance companies, products and services throughout 2020.

On top of the list with perfect 5/5 ratings are 3 digitally innovative life insurance companies:

Jenny Life

Marked as the best option for millennial bargain shoppers is Jenny Life, a fully digital, AI-driven life insurance agency that makes getting free instant life insurance quotes online at affordable rates (plans start from $7/month) across USA easier than ordering pizza! You can get quotes in a matter of seconds, customize your policy and sign up online with no medical exam within minutes, get unlimited access to agents and enjoy their seamless user experience which makes life insurance simple and surprisingly fun!


Recommended as best for millennials is Bestow, a digital term life insurance company that's providing a unique and innovative term life insurance experience that was built for the digital era. It's very easy to apply online for up to $1 million policies with no medical exams, agents or paperwork required. Bestow's plans start at $16 a month.


The last company that scored a perfect 5/5 in our 2020 research is Ladder, a techonlogy driven, innovative life insurance company that provides flexible term life insurance solutions at affordable rates, fully online and mostly with no medical exam requirement. Its one million dollar policies start from $25 a month. No wonder why we tagged it as the best option for those looking for flexibility with term life insurance policies of $100k to $8 million annual face value.

Other life insurance companies in the research that did not score a perfect 5/5 but are worth noting are Fabric, Sproutt, Northwestern Mutual, Chubb, State Farm and Prudential. is an online insurance marketplace and educational website that ranks insurance companies and services based on expert analysis and customer reviews, to help create more awareness for insurance consumers and help them make better insurance decisions. It was founded in 2019 by Ofir Sahar.

You can read the full analysis at

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