Is Amica Mutual a Good Insurance Company?

Is Amica Mutual A Good Insurance Company?

To answer shorly, yes, Amica Mutual Insurance is an excellent insurance company!

Rater Rating
Insuranks customer reviews 4.4/5
Insuranks expert review 4.5/5
AM Best Financial Strength Rating A+ (Superior) * As of February 2021
Nerdwallet expert review 5/5
ValuePenguin expert review 9/10
TheZebra expert review 4/5
Clearsurance customer reviews 4.24/5
BBB rating A+ (highest)
BBB customer reviews 1.48/5
ConsumerAffairs expert review 4/5

Amica Mutual Insurance Company may not be the country’s largest insurer, it’s actually the country’s oldest insurer as far as auto insurance is concerned. In fact, Amica Mutual first started their business selling automobile insurance in 1907 , several decades before the majority of the general public owned cars!

When most people think of auto insurance, they tend to first think of the usual “Big Insurers,” such as:

While these insurers are huge publicly traded organizations and provide almost every type of insurance imaginable, from home insurance to marine insurance , they, unfortunately, have their drawbacks. The biggest disadvantage of working with these large conglomerates is that they often fail when it comes to one-on-one conversations.

When working with Amica Mutual Insurance, you’re more likely to get that “small business hospitality” that you’re used to getting when you pop into your neighborhood diner for a  coffee  and breakfast. It just  feels  better knowing that you’re in the hands of people who actually care about you. 

If you are considering switching your insurance to Amica Mutual or you’ve been wondering about Amica Mutual benefits that you can take advantage of, then this article has you covered! Below we’ll give you a complete breakdown of some of Amica Mutual Insurance’s most popular options and benefits. 

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Amica Car Insurance

Suppose you just look at the surface value of Amica Mutual’s auto insurance policies. In that case, you’ll probably find that they aren’t all that different from many of the other auto insurance policies that you may have had in the past. Whether you’re insuring a cheap car or a luxury sports car , Amica Mutual has a policy for you! They offer all of the basic coverages, including:

  • Basic liability 

  • Comprehensive

  • Personal injury protection

  • Collision

  • Theft

  • And full coverage policies as well!

However, if you take the time to read through the fine print of your agreement you’ll also find numerous other benefits that truly make Amica Mutual Insurance a one-of-a-kind company! Let’s take a look. 

Free Airbag Repairs

No matter which Amica Mutual Insurance policy that you end up signing up for, you’ll receive free airbag repairs anytime that your airbags deploy. While airbags are designed to deploy only in the event of an impact with another car, motorcycle, or another solid object, some cars have been known to have faulty airbag systems that can randomly deploy (even if you’re not in immediate danger). 

Free Automobile Lock Replacement

Even if you’re an obsessive-compulsive type-A, let’s face it, keep up with everything type of person, even you might accidentally lose your keys. It might not even be your fault! Perhaps you drop them down a drain, or somebody steals them while you’re eating out at a restaurant. However, whatever the case is, you can rest easy knowing that your Amica Mutual Insurance policy will cover all costs related to replacing the locks on your car and providing you with a new set of keys. 

Free Repair of Damaged Auto Glass

Don’t you hate it when a rock flies out of the grooves on an 18-wheeler’s tire and smashes right into your windshield, giving you a gnarly impact crater? If you were to call up a traditional auto glass repair shop, you’d likely pay anywhere from $75 to $100 to get the crack filled and sealed so that it didn’t expand and ruin your windshield forever. 

However, if you’re an Amica Mutual Insurance policyholder, then they’ll cover all of the costs of repairing your broken or damaged auto glass. If you need your full windshield replaced altogether, they’ll still cover it, but you may need to have a comprehensive auto insurance policy with them. 

Help With Bail Bonds

While most of us try to be good drivers, sometimes we get caught up in the moment, end up racing down the street, speeding home from work, or even get a bit of old-fashioned road rage, specifically if you’re a teen or new driver. If you end up in jail due to your driving shenanigans, then Amica Mutual Insurance will pay up to $1,000 towards your bail bonds! This makes them the only auto insurer in America that helps its policyholders out with jail. 

Amica Mutual Insurance Company Pays For Lost Court Money

In addition to paying a portion of your jail bail bonds, Amica Mutual Insurance will also compensate you if you’re required to show up in a courtroom, whether the accident was your fault or not. If you have to call out of work or miss an important event, then Amica Mutual will mail you a check right to your front door! 

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Amica Homeowners Insurance

In addition to its high-quality auto insurance policies, Amica Mutual Insurance Company also provides insurance for homeowners. Aside from the general coverages provided by most homeowner’s insurance policies, here are some of the unique Amica Mutual Insurance benefits that you can take advantage of as a policyholder. 

Coverage For Catastrophic “Acts of God”

Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover all of the basic accidents that can happen, such as dryer fires, stove fires, burst pipes, or exploding water heaters. However, very few insurers cover catastrophic events unless you pay for them separately. By default, all homeowner’s insurance policies offered by Amica Mutual include coverage for catastrophes such as earthquakes, floods, blizzards, and tornados. 

Temporary Home Rental Coverage

If the damage to your home is going to be something that takes a considerable amount of time to repair, then Amica Mutual Insurance will pay for you to stay somewhere else! Whether you have to rent lodging from a family member, stay in a hotel, or rent another house on Air BnB or VRBO, Amica Mutual will make sure that all of your costs are covered up to a reasonable amount. 

Home-Business Coverage

Amica Mutual Insurance Benefits

Here are 2 of the top reasons why more people are starting to sign up for Amica Mutual Insurance Company. 

Lower Monthly Premiums

While big-name brands are certainly more popular because more people have heard of them, you’re also going to pay more money in premium fees thanks to the company’s multi-million-dollar advertising budget. Working with a smaller insurer like Amica Mutual ensures that you won’t have to spend so much on monthly insurance premiums, no matter whether you purchase home insurance, auto insurance, or bundle auto and home insurance policies together to save more money on your car insurance

Reliability and Quality Customer Service

As we mentioned above, the level of customer service that you’ll get working with a smaller insurer far exceeds the level of coverage that you could expect from a large multi-national conglomerate. That means shorter wait times on the phone, more personal service, and professionalism that’s taken to a higher degree.

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