How Much Does a Backhoe Operator Make & How to Make More

If you are considering a career as a backhoe operator, then an important question to ask yourself first and foremost is how much does a backhoe operator make. Once you get a baseline idea for the salary then you can also look into how to make more money over the years.

What Does A Backhoe Operator Do?

A backhoe operator specializes in driving and operating backhoe machinery. This piece of equipment may be used to move large amounts of earth and dirt from one spot to the next. Backhoe operators also help with digging holes and trenches. You will also likely need to report significant malfunctions and perform routine maintenance. How much you can make as a backhoe operator depends on your skill level and experience as well as the location of where you’re working.

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How Much Does A Backhoe Operator Make An Hour?

On the low end, you may make as little as $17 per hour and as much as $34 per hour on the higher end. Either way, overall, it will be enough to live comfortably and cover your cost of living in your area. You can also make more money per hour such as if you are a contractor with your own fleet of backhoe units waiting to be hired or rented by construction companies.