How Much Do Skid Steer Operators Make

Interested in operating or owning heavy equipment? Then one piece of heavy machinery you may want to consider looking into securing or learning how to use is a skid steer. It’s an essential piece of equipment necessary to have available for use on any construction site. Begin by learning how much do skid steer operators make and tips for how you can earn more by owning one yourself. 

What Does A Skid Steer Operator Do? 

A skid steer is a small type of construction equipment that’s used on-site to complete a variety of tasks in construction. It’ll require that you have a qualified operator or driver of the skid steer. In this job role, you’ll need to learn how to start and steer it, how the gauges and features work, and how to properly raise and lower the boom.  

A skid steer operator is a necessary job role in the construction and the building industry. This piece of heavy equipment serves different purposes and can help you complete a lot of essential tasks. As a skid steer operator, you may be required to work on: 

  • Digging trenches 

  • Digging holes 

  • Transporting large objects around a construction site 

  • Moving dirt or Earth 

  • Plowing snow 

  • Helping lay pavement 

The more skilled you are and the greater your responsibilities on a job site and with using a skid steer, the more money you can potentially make. The employer is in charge of and required by law to train all skid steer operators. It’s essential to identify and avoid unsafe conditions, which is one reason why it’s important that you or your employer secures the right type of insurance policy such as liability insurance.

How Much Do Skid Operators Make? 

A skilled and knowledgeable skid steer operator can make good money depending on their level of experience and the location where they are working and who they are working for. Although it’s fairly straightforward to operate this machinery, it does take some practice and skill. The range of salary and how much you can make annually operating a skid steer is between $28,00 to over $47,000.  

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Average Skid Steer Operator Salary 

On average, you will make about $38,000 per year as your salary. Some of the top-paying US states for skid steer operators include CA, WY, and WA. The more experience you have and the more tasks you’re able to complete with a skid steer the more your earnings are likely to increase. In fact, the top earners in the US can make over $50,000 annually.  

How Much Does A Skid Steer Operator Make Per Hour?

Your average skid steer operator is going to make roughly just over $18 per hour. Of course, this can fluctuate depending on what city you’re working in and what types of responsibilities you’re able to take on. Begin by learning the basic skills, starter controls, and how the automatic lockout system works. Then you can continue to gain experience over time and find an employer who will compensate you fairly and based on your skill level. 

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Ways to Earn More 

If you’re looking to or interested in earning more than the average salary then be glad to know there are some practical ways to do so. Some of these factors that will influence your salary are: 

  • Your experience 

  • Location of work 

  • Skill level 

There is always room for advancement and improvement so it’s important to take advantage of training and certifications as you try to earn more. A crane operator is the highest-paying heavy equipment operator, so you can always think about switching machinery if you choose.  

Other ideas and ways to earn more include working your way into a management or supervisory role or owning your own company. If you own skid steers then you have more control over which jobs you take and how many you can handle at a time. Of course, if you’re employing skid steerers as a business owner then you’ll want to make sure you have insurance policies in place to protect you and your workers.  

How Much Money Can You Make Owning A Skid Steer? 

The annual salary for a skid steer operator is roughly $48,000. However, you can make more if you consider owning your own business and owning a skid steer yourself. This way you can select which jobs you want to take on and work with clients who will pay you the most. 

Some of the jobs you may be able to do are: 

  • Moving dirt 

  • Hauling rock 

  • General material handling

You can also grow your business and employ skid steer workers so that you can bring in even more income and earnings overtime. However, just keep in mind that it can be a dangerous and risky job with many liabilities so you’ll want to make sure you secure the right insurance for your company and your workers. 

You have the potential to get a great return on your investment if you choose to own a skid steer instead of always renting one as needed. It will pay off in the long run and you’ll avoid constant rental fees and will find that you can work more efficiently overall. 

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Reasons to Secure the Right Insurance Policies 

The construction business and operating heavy machinery come with a lot of risks. There are always safety concerns and accidents do happen. Therefore, you can reduce financial risk and avoid having to cover large unexpected expenses by getting insurance for your company, workers, and that covers your heavy equipment.  

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