Dance Studio Insurance: Cost & Quotes From $11

Just like gyms, martial arts studios, aerobics studios, and yoga studios, your dance studio needs insurance too. Dance studio insurance is a specialized insurance plan that covers lawsuits, employee-related issues, business income loss, business property loss, and others. Read this guide to know:

  • How much to pay for premiums

  • The function of each policy commonly  included in dance studio insurance plans

  • Where to get the best coverage

How Much Does Dance Studio Insurance Cost?

This table shows the cost of the most useful types of insurance policies for dance studios:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Deductible
General liability insurance $37 $444 $0-$500
Professional liability insurance $45 $540 $500-$1,000
Workers compensation insurance $70 $840 $2,000-$5,000
Commercial property insurance $41 $492 $1,000-$2,000
Commercial auto insurance $60 $720 $500-$1,000
Business owner’s policy $39 $468 $500-$2,000

Dance studio insurance cost $37 per month or $444 per year for a $1 million general liability insurance. This assumes that you have 5 employees and make $500,000-$750,000 per year. 

Location, revenue, business size, number of employees, claims history, and business history affects the cost of premiums. Consider doing these things to decrease the cost of dance studio insurance:

  • Have students sign off waivers

  • Have high deductibles

  • Remove floaters from your policies if they’re useless

  • Only work with licensed dance instructors 

In addition, here’s another table showing the cost of the companies we recommend for dance studio insurance:

Cost per Month Cost per Year Best for
NEXT $25 $300 Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for dance studios
CoverWallet $29.58 $354.96 Comparing dance studio insurance quotes over the phone
Thimble $33 $396 On-demand coverage for dance studios

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General Liability Insurance For Dance Studios

CoverWallet  NEXT (Best) Thimble 
Per occurrence limit  $1,000,000 $2,000,000 $300,000/$1,000,000
Aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $4,000,000 $1,000,000/$2,000,000
Products and completed operations aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Advertising injury coverage aggregate limit  $1,000,000 $1,000,000 $1,000,000
Tenant’s legal liability coverage limit  $1,000,000 $100,000 $100,000
Waiver of subrogation included? Yes Included Included
Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage included? Yes No Can be included
Equipment breakdown floater included? No  Yes Yes
Can you get a certificate of insurance online? Yes Yes Yes
Name additional insureds? Yes Yes Yes
Deductible $0 $0 $250-$1,000

General liability insurance is a common inclusion in dance studio and dance school insurance programs. This grants protection when a claim for bodily injury or property damage is filed by students, visitors, independent dance teachers, independent zumba instructors, barre instructors, and other third parties. 

Use the table above to compare the quotes of general liability insurance for dance studios. 

About 100% of dance studios get general liability insurance. Here are some example situations where you’ll find this useful:

  • A student gets injured during a dance class and demands you pay for medical treatment

  • A visitor or student loses their belongings while in your studio and demands compensation

  • You hired a guest dance instructor to conduct a class, and she gets injured while teaching 

  • A spectator fell from the chair while watching a performance held in your dance studio 

By having general liability insurance, your dance studio can cover these costs without incurring financial losses:

  • Medical treatment of the claimant

  • Reimbursement for the damaged property of the claimant

  • Defense costs such as attorney fees, court filing fees, investigation fees, etc. 

  • Court judgments 

Add-ons are usually included in the general liability insurance for dance studios. Expect the policy to offer these:

  • Tenant legal liability coverage

  • Products and completed operations coverage

  • Equipment and tools coverage

  • Waiver of subrogation

  • Hired/non-owned auto liability coverage

Professional Liability Insurance For Dance Studios

CoverWallet  NEXT (Best)
Per occurrence limit  $1,000,000 $2,000,000
Aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $4,000,000
Name additional insureds? Yes Yes
Waiver of subrogation included? Yes No
Deductible  $500 $0

Your dance studio can be held liable for the issues that its teachers or instructors committed during a class. Because of this, consider getting professional liability insurance. 

Use the table above to compare the quotes of professional liability insurance from companies we recommend. 

Professional liability insurance covers settlements, defense costs, and court judgments if  a claim is filed because your full-time, part-time, or independent dance instructor did any of these:

  • Inaccurate advice

  • Failed to provide assistance while the student is executing a routine

  • Asked the student to perform a routine that’s not fit for his or her physique and age

  • Verbally abused a student during the class

Depending on which insurance company underwrote it, professional liability insurance can also cover these exposures:

  • Claims for sexual abuse and molestation

  • Lawsuits and investigations filed by licensing boards against your studio’s dance teachers

  • Lost income as a result of frequent attendance to court trials

Commercial Property Insurance For Dance Studios

CoverWallet NEXT (Best) Thimble
Building coverage limit (minimum) $50,000 $330,000 $25,000/$500,000
Contents coverage limit (minimum) $50,000 $18,000 $25,000/$500,000
Outdoor signs Excluded $2,500 $2,500
Accounts receivable  Excluded Excluded $5,000/10,000
Money and securities Excluded $2,500 $1,000
Lock and keys  Excluded Excluded Excluded
Business interruption floater Excluded Excluded Included
Equipment breakdown floater Excluded Included Excluded
Inland marine insurance floater Excluded Excluded $10,000
Employee dishonesty floater Excluded $5,000 $2,500

Your dance studio needs a physical space, which can be an owned/leased condo, dedicated building, or a modified gym. 

The building is one of your most expensive assets as a dance studio owner. Your finances might be crippled if something happens to it. 

Protect your dance studio’s commercial space and ensure the continuity of operations even if disasters arrive by purchasing commercial property insurance.  

Use the table above to compare the quotes of commercial property insurance for dance studios. 

Commercial property insurance will cover the repair or replacement costs if your dance studio gets damaged or destroyed by:

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Civil commotion

  • Riot

  • Volcanic action

  • Sinkhole collapse

  • Lightning

  • Weather

  • Impact

  • Aircraft

  • Falling objects

  • Vehicle

  • Sprinkler leakage

Note that commercial property insurance also reimburses losses if speakers, television, employee personal property, important documents, furniture, and other valuables get damaged or destroyed while inside your dance studio. 

In addition, your dance studio’s commercial property insurance might come with additional perks. The most common ones are:

  • Inland marine floater

  • Employee dishonesty floater

  • Business interruption floater

  • Key lock loss and replacement floater

  • Equipment breakdown floater 

Commercial property insurance doesn’t cover war, floods, mudslides, avalanches, and landslides. The same applies to normal wear, tear, and corrosion of the building and its contents. 

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Equipment Breakdown Insurance For Dance Studios 

NEXT (Best) Thimble 
Aggregate limit $330,000 $500,000
Offered as an endorsement to general liability insurance or commercial property insurance? Yes Yes
Covers hired and borrowed equipment? Yes No
Miscellaneous equipment also covered? Yes No
Deductible $500 $500-$2,500

Equipment breakdown insurance is also a common inclusion in dance insurance programs for studios and instructors. 

You will find this offered as a stand-alone policy or as optional coverage in general liability insurance or commercial property insurance. Use the table above to compare the quotes of dance studio equipment breakdown insurance. 

Equipment breakdown insurance protects the speakers, MP3 players, lighting, computers, projectors, and other items for a dance class. Coverage applies when damage or loss happens because of:

  • Fire

  • Theft

  • Vandalism

  • Mechanical breakdown

  • Electrical breakdown

  • Operator error

  • Impact

  • Mysterious disappearance

Business Owner’s Policy For Dance Studios 

CoverWallet Thimble NEXT  (Best)
General liability aggregate limit  $2,000,000 $2,000,000 $4,000,000
Commercial property insurance aggregate limit  $50,000 $25,000/500,000 $330,000
Optional policies can be added? Yes Yes Yes
Name additional insureds for free? Yes Yes Yes
BOP discount? Yes No Yes

Insurance programs for dance studios can offer a business owner’s policy. This is a great option if your dance studio is picking its space. Use the table above the compare the quotes of business owner’s policy for dance studios

A business owner’s policy fuses general liability and commercial property insurance-two types of coverage that growing businesses need-into one insurance product. About 83% of dance studios purchase this. 

The cost of a business owner’s policy is cheaper than when you bought commercial property and general liability insurance for dance studios separately. 

Most business owner’s policies for dance studios come with add-ons and grant more comprehensive protection. Common optional inclusions are:

  • Cyber liability insurance

  • Business interruption insurance

  • Inland marine insurance

Events Insurance For Special Dance Classes

Consider getting events insurance during times when your dance studio hosts special dance classes or any other event such as public shows and competitions. 

Use the table above to compare the quotes of events insurance for special dance classes and other related events.

Events insurance is a short-term coverage that offers general liability or public liability insurance for dance classes.  This will cover the resulting cost if the attendees of your special dance class event sustain bodily injuries or property damage. 

Aside from general liability or public liability insurance, events insurance for dance classes also offers:

  • Key person coverage

  • Event postponement or cancellation coverage

  • Rain coverage

  • Equipment and tools coverage

  • Rented premises liability coverage

Commercial Auto Insurance For Dance Studios

Consider getting commercial auto insurance if your dance studio owns a van or minibus for out-of-town trips or taking students and instructors home after dance classes.

Commercial auto insurance covers unfortunate events that happen while your dance studio is using its commercial vehicle for day-to-day operations. It has a lot of functions that we summarized in the bullets below:

  • Cover the medical treatment or property damage of third parties who get involved in an accident that your dance studio’s vehicle caused

  • Pay for the replacement or repair of parts if your dance studio’s vehicle sustains damage because of fire, theft, vandalism, and other covered perils

  • Pay the hospital bills and treatment of the driver and passengers in the event that your dance studio’s vehicle gets involved in an accident caused by an insured/underinsured driver

  • Reimburse extra expenses if you need to rent because your dance studio’s vehicle is under repair

Most insurance companies that provide coverage for your dance studio’s car might offer these add-ons in their commercial auto insurance:

  • Trailer and equipment coverage

  • GAP insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance For Dance Studios 

Get worker’s compensation insurance if your dance studio employs one or more full-time and part-time dance teachers

The law requires you to cover dance teachers, who are part of your company’s regular payroll, with workers’ compensation insurance. Non-compliance will result in a cease-and-desist order, fine, or imprisonment. 

Dance instructors can sustain sprains, fatigue, fractures, musculoskeletal disorders, and other injuries. If this does happen to those working for you, workers’ compensation will cover the resulting expenses such as:

  • Medical treatment

  • Hospitalization

  • Medication

  • Rehabilitation and retraining

  • Lost wages

  • Funeral expenses and allowance to dependents in case of death

There’s no need to get workers’ compensation insurance if your studio’s dance instructors are independent contractors. 

Nonetheless, workers’ compensation insurance allows you to name independent contractors as additional insureds if they request to be covered. By the way, you can also name yourself as an insured in the terms of the policy. 

Employer’s Liability Insurance For Dance Studios 

Employer’s liability insurance grants protection when an employee holds your business liable for his or her work-related injury or disease. 

You can use this insurance to cover settlements, defense costs, and court judgments. Employer’s liability insurance is sold as part of workers’ compensation insurance. 

Some insurance companies allow you to remove employer’s liability insurance from workers’ compensation insurance if you don’t need it. 

Compare Cheap Dance Studio Insurance Quotes Online

Get all the best quotes from leading providers in a click of a button!

Best Dance Studio Insurance Companies

These are the best dance studio insurance companies. Read to know their pros, cons, and rate for a $1 million general liability insurance. 

NEXT Dance Studio Insurance


  • Best overall

  • Get an online proof of insurance and send as a text message, email, or social media post

  • Fastest general liability insurance for dance studios

  • Great customer service and reputation

  • Issues an online proof of insurance instantly

  • Outstanding value for money

  • Bundle two or more insurance policies and get a 10% discount


  • Couldn’t find any

What Insurankers Say About NEXT

  • Had the fastest online policy purchase experience at a great rate!! Haven’t had any issues since-Anonymous

  • Had a fast, cheap and smooth business insurance experience with Next. Superb product and customer service. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!-Mark Adams

NEXT covers dance studios with its insurance program for fitness studios that offers three coverage options-basic, premiere, and deluxe. Get quotes from NEXT or leave a personal review

Go for the basic option if you want the cheapest coverage. But note that protection isn’t very comprehensive as you’ll only get $4 million professional liability insurance and $2 million general liability insurance. 

NEXT’s deluxe coverage is expensive but provides the most comprehensive protection. This offers general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, commercial property insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance with employer’s liability coverage. 

Best for: Best overall; Fastest general liability insurance for dance studios 

Average cost: $25 per month 

Our rating: 10/10

CoverWallet Dance Studio Insurance


  • Compare dance studio insurance quotes online

  • Cancel your coverage anytime

  • Easy online policy management

  • General liability insurance for dance studios comes with waiver of subrogation, terrorism coverage, and HNOA coverage


  • Not an insurance company but an insurance broker 

What Insurankers Say About CoverWallet

  • Excellent platform for business insurance quote comparison online-Dave Phillips

  • Kudos to Coverwallet’s business insurance quote comparison platform that helped us get the best rates on our BOP from top commercial insurers conveniently and online-Anonymous

CoverWallet’s dance studio insurance offers general liability, commercial property, workers compensation, commercial auto, and many other business insurance policies. Get quotes from CoverWallet or leave a personal review

Note that the policies you purchase through CoverWallet’s online quotes comparison tool are underwritten by its partners .

CoverWallet only helps you look for the best coverage options, get insured online, and manage policies easily. 

Your dance studio’s general liability insurance from this company has a $1 million per occurrence limit with a $2 million aggregate. Waiver of subrogation, non-owned/hired auto, and terrorism coverage as included as additional perks in the terms of the policy. 

Best for: Comparing dance studio insurance quotes over the phone

Average cost: $29.58 per month

Our rating: 10/10

Thimble Dance Studio Insurance


  • Quick to issue quotes

  • Easy online quotation process

  • Numerous inclusions in its business owner’s policy


  • General liability and commercial property insurance not available as stand-alone policies 

What Insurankers Say About Thimble

  • Thimble is easy to use and very cost-effective for many small businesses. Very happy that I’ve found them! No claim experience so far though..-Gabe Martin

  • Love their business insurance solutions for freelancers! Great app!-Chad Fox

Thimble’s dance studio insurance offers a business owner’s policy and workers compensation insurance. Get quotes from Thimble or leave your personal review

Thimble’s business owner’s policy features a $1 million-$2 million general liability coverage and $25,000-$500,000 commercial property coverage. You can also avail additional inclusions such as equipment breakdown coverage, non-owned/hired auto liability coverage, business interruption, etc. 

You can also get event insurance for your studio’s special dance classes and other events. Policies offered are general liability and liquor liability insurance. 

Best for: On-demand coverage for dance studios 

Average cost: $33 per month

Our rating: 10/10

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