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Everything you need to know about business insurance throughout the global coronavirus pandemic.

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1. Business Insurance COVID 19 Claims 2. Coronavirus - Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Information3. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Lawsuits & Class Action Free Legal Consultation 4. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 Relief, Claims & Legislation Across the States5. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: California6. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: Illinois7. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Tennessee8. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 West Virginia 9. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Washington10. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Texas11. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 Arizona12. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Alabama 13. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Florida 14. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19: Oregon15. Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Claims North Dakota16. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 Claims: New York 17. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 OHIO18. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: ALASKA19. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: LOUISIANA20. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: COLORADO21. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: CONNECTICUT22. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: DELAWARE23. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: MICHIGAN24. Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: RHODE ISLAND25. Smooth COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Claim Process Tips26. What Are The Governments Saying? 27. What’s Next?28. The final verdict! 

Business Insurance COVID-19 Resources Page

The current coronavirus pandemic is taking a huge toll on the world, something which has never been seen before. 

It has caused large and small businesses to close their doors because of safety issues - and others to recalculate their steps. 

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have faced severe losses that reached its peak when lockdowns came in to full force. 

Almost everyone was affected by the coronavirus global pandemic and business owners across the states have faced rising unexpected losses. This is why now, more than ever, business owners and entrepreneurs are seeking business insurance COVID relief. At this page you'll be able to get better understanding on how and where to get it smoothly.

But first and foremost: If you do not have an existing business insurance policy that covers COVID-19, buy a COVID 19 friendly Business Owners Policy (BOP) now.

Business Insurance COVID 19 Claims

More and more businesses are filing COVID 19 business insurance claims these days in pursuit of urgent COVID relief and support that is needed so much right now after months of shelter-in-place and lockdowns - and sometimes years of paying to insurance companies as well. 

This page provides business insurance COVID-19 resources and supports business owners to help you get through this pandemic with minimal financial loss, while raising awareness to your business insurance coronavirus rights and options.

Not every business insurance policy covers COVID 19 related issues, however if you have or if you are buying business insurance COVID 19 cover, your business can benefit from the coverage of pandemic related issues and your coronavirus business insurance claims may be accepted. 

If you already have a business insurance policy that covers your COVID 19 related issues, business loss and damage, our advice for you is to file a claim now

If you don't have one, this is the time to buy a good COVID 19 friendly Business Owners Policy (BOP).

This makes sure your business is financially covered until the situation is behind. 

This page outlines what types of business insurance covers what COVID 19 related business damages and/or losses due to the disruptive circumstances, this leads to an increased chance of the eventual acceptance of your COVID 19 business insurance claims and payout. 

As the majority of commercial property insurance policies contain Business Interruption Insurance Coverage, it is important  for your business to review and investigate your coverage to determine if your business is covered and file a COVID 19 related claim, especially since it is dynamic and even the law is constantly changing to help businesses recover from the massive hit that was triggered by the outbreak. 

Therefore, it is vital for you to have detailed knowledge about the specific clauses in your policy. 

One important clause is Civil Authority Insurance Coverage Clause

As federal, state and local civil authorities took over and issued COVID 19 related restrictions, many industries and  businesses were directly affected. 

In such incidents, there may be a way to recover losses under the Civil Authority coverage clause within typical business income coverage or Business Owners Policy

Such clause provides coverage for loss of business income as a result of actions taken by civil authorities, and yours may apply. 

Please note that the Civil Authority coverage also contains a property damage requirement pertaining to nearby or adjacent property.

Dependent Property Insurance Coverage may also be applicable in this occasion. 

Also known as Contingent Property Insurance or Supply Chain coverage, this type covers income loss due to a covered damage to another commercial property that the insured business depends on.

Everyone is looking forward to get their COVID 19 business insurance refunds, but some has already prepared in advance and got pandemic-specific coverage. 

In one interesting occasion, London's Wimbledon tennis tournament is expected to be paid out approximately $141 million by their pandemic insurance policy due to its 2020 event cancellation because of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Apparently, they bought the policy back in 2,003, when SARS was around, for a mere $2 million a year.

But you don't necessarily need a virus-specific coverage.

As the majority of insurers do not offer such pandemic insurance products, this doesn't mean that your claims should be denied. 

To get a free legal consultation in regards to COVID 19 claims, read on and fill out the form on the linked page.

What is the most recommended business insurance policy at these times? 

Though a lot of businesses have been forced to shut down due to this pandemic, a lot of other ones are relying on business interruption insurance policy support. This policy covers the income losses of a company. 

If you want to give your business that added layer of security then it is highly advised to opt for a COVID friendly Business Owners Policy (BOP), as it combines business interruption insurance for loss of income due to property damage, property insurance for business owned contents and buildings, and liability coverage for legal responsibility on any damage done to others, from employees to clients and suppliers, as part of your business operation. 

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Coronavirus - Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Information

One of the main business insurance types that business owners are looking to utilize throughout these times is business interruption insurance, also known as BI insurance.

By definition, BI insurance reimburses for loss of income due to property damage that causes business interruption. 

For example, a fire took place in your building and you had to close your store for a week. 

Business interruption insurance coronavirus claims that are only due to COVID 19 or fears from it will most likely be rejected, as they are not included in this type of coverage and coronavirus alone does not trigger it.

Your business interruption insurance policy outlines various kinds of occasions that are included in your coverage. 

Anything else that is not detailed in it is not included in your business interruption insurance coverage. 

The loss to your business must be due to a cause that is covered by the insurance policy. It cannot be mentioned as an exclusion to the policy. 

In other words, if your insurance policy doesn't cover wind damage but unfortunately your property got whisked by a cyclone or tornado, your business insurance coverage is not going to be so useful. 

HOWEVER - Some events that were triggered by COVID 19 and caused damage to your property may qualify and trigger your business interruption insurance coverage. This may include damage to your business property due to riots, vandalism, looting and theft. 

If the events caused your business to suspend or limit its operations because of protests, violence, looting, rioting, vandalism and theft that were going on during COVID 19, including the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests, you may have your loss of income covered by business income insurance, which is another name for business interruption insurance. You will still have to prove direct property damage.

Coverage is different in every policy, so be sure to review your policy carefully and ask for advice from either your insurance agent or company representatives. 

If your claim was denied, consult with a business interruption insurance COVID 19 class action lawyer, it is free of charge. 

Business interruption insurance COVID-19 class action lawyers are investigating if insurers are denying COVID-19 related business interruption insurance claims unjustly. Free of charge.

Fill out the form on this page to get free legal consultation from one of Class Action's lawyers and have them investigate your business interruption insurance policy free of charge.

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 Relief, Claims & Legislation Across the States

The U.S. Small Business Administration is providing businesses across the states with COVID relief through guidance, loans and funding.

IRS is also providing businesses with COVID tax relief.

Additionally, different states in the U.S. have responded to the coronavirus situation differently. 

Please find detailed information on how some states are dealing with COVID 19 in relation to business income insurance. 

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: California

On 2nd July 2020, California passed legislation that makes business interruption insurance coverage mandatory in relation to COVID 19. As per the amended bill's statement, due to the urgency and necessity of the bill, it went in to immediate effect in order to protect businesses. 

The California government has stated that the bill would be applicable to all commercial organisations and would provide business interruption insurance policy coverage in full effect since 4th march 2020, once they qualify as per the requirements.

The California Government has started taking regulative action in this regard already in April.

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: Illinois

The state of Illinois did not take specific legal action to protect businesses through business interruption insurance in relation to COVID-19. 

The state of Illinois does offer assistance to businesses throughout these times in other ways, like emergency covid 19 business grants. Please find more information related to ILDCEO Grants here.

For further information, please refer to their dedicated insurance coverage and coronavirus page.

Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Tennessee

As of now, Tennessee didn't pass any COVID 19 business insurance legislation.  The Tennessee government hasn't taken any official step towards providing businesses with covid relief. 

For further information, visit TN's business interruption insurance COVID-19 FAQ page.

Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 West Virginia 

West Virginia did not pass any special laws in regards to COVID. 

For queries regarding utilisation of business interruption insurance policy in West Virginia, businesses in WV should contact the commissioner's consumer services division via:


Toll-free number: 1-888-TRY-WVIC (888-879- 9842) 

Or file complaints and claims online at: 

All policyholders must provide a copy of their business interruption insurance policy so that the respective authorities can assist them in the best way possible. 

The Offices of the Insurance Commissioner would closely investigate Business Interruption Insurance claims to ensure that insurance companies provide every assistance required by law and covered by the policies to businesses, as long as you follow the state government's guidelines. 

For more information visit:

Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Washington

In April 17, 2020, Washington insurance commissioner said most insurers do not cover pandemic related events in their policies. However, he found two insurers from FM Global Insurance Group that do provide coverage for a pandemic event on their basic business interruption insurance policy, mainly for bigger companies with huge supply chains.

Washington government is always available for answering and alleviating customer queries. 

WA legal team is currently working on solving insurance claims and updating customers at the same time. They are doing their best to protect the rights of the businesses at all levels. 

If you are looking for guidance or have COVID 19 related queries about your business interruption insurance Washington policy, you can contact the respective authorities by calling 202-517-2840 or file complaints online through their official website. 

More information can be found on

Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Texas

Texas has indicated that some COVID 19 related business interruption insurance claims were denied due to policy exclusions of pandemic and viruses. 

More businesses in Texas are filing lawsuits against insurers for denying their business interruption insurance COVID 19 claims. 

Many TX lawyers are offering legal assistance on that matter.

TX Department of Insurance can provide assistance when insurers undoubtedly violate the policy terms. Business insurance policies are subject to continuous litigation, especially due to the COVID 19 outbreak, including federal class action lawsuits.

For more information contact 

And read:

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 Arizona

From the time financial losses started to occur, Arizona insurance companies has been providing coverage to lost profits, extra expenses and also aided businesses with financial help to enable them to continue with their operations. The AZ  department of insurance offers COVID-19 related resources. 

You can also get free legal consultation from an AZ business interruption insurance COVID 19 bad faith lawyer

Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Alabama 

Alabama department of insurance is working together with insurance companies and AL businesses to allow businesses to continue to operate. 

To understand if your business interruption insurance covers COVID-19 pandemic related business interruptions, review your policy or consult with a local lawyer.

For further questions and information, contact the Alabama Department of Insurance via:

(334) 269-3550

email address:


Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Florida 

Denied business interruption insurance COVID 19 claims in Florida are handled by local attorneys towards enforcing the terms of the insurance policy. Florida has hired professional and skilled lawyers from reputed law companies to settle the demands of businesses who are expecting compensation from insurance companies to make up for the losses their businesses have suffered. 

External references:

Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19: Oregon

Oregon has divided the eligibility for business interruption insurance policy COVID 19 claims in two ways: 

  • Business interruption insurance coverage to those who suffer financial losses due to the spread of contagious diseases or infections 

  • Secondly, business interruption insurance coverage to those suffering because of the governmental restrictions imposed on the people of the country. As a result of which, people couldn't access the insured's organization, thus causing the business to face financial losses.  

If you feel like your claims has been denied unjustly, we recommend you to use the help of a local lawyer, whether through class action for free or independently.
More information can be found on:

Business Interruption Insurance COVID 19 Claims North Dakota

As per the instructions of the government of North Dakota, if your insurer can't come to terms with your claims, you shouldn't accept the company's rejection. 

Insurance terms can be highly subjective.  For a free legal consultation, call any reputed law firm that will review your policy and see if the denial is justified. 

Further information:


Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 Claims: New York 

There has been a lot of confusion among businesses about insurance companies responsibility to cover business interruption insurance claims throughout the COVID-19 outbreak in New York. 

New York has passed legislation that requires certain business interruption insurance policies to cover coronavirus related claims for small businesses

The New York amended bill provides coverage only for businesses with less than 250 employees.

The bill applies coverage to policies retroactively starting March 7, 2020.

The bill also requires insurers to renew business interruption insurance policies that expire throughout the pandemic and emergency situation with no premium rate increases.

The New York bill clearly states that insurers are not able to deny claims based on the no physical property damage reasoning.

If you have any doubts regarding your claim, you can go through the answers given to each question on the official website. In any case, never take a business interruption insurance COVID 19 claim that is denied by an insurance company as a final answer. Consult with a lawyer, whether independently or through free legal consultation offered via Class Action (you can find more information about it on this page).

Also, if you would like to file a Business Interruption Insurance NY complaint, you can file it at However, it's good to know that your complaint will be shared with the insurance company or officials you have complained against. 

Further information on the matter can be accessed on:

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19 OHIO

Leaving aside all other insurance claims, the Ohio government has responded to the immediate need of business owners in Ohio. They have announced that the availability of the Business Interruption Insurance Policy Coverage will vary along with the jurisdictions, policy forms & more such aspects. Each policy claim will be examined while paying extra attention to the losses suffered. The government assured that immediate recovery will be provided wherever possible. 

The Ohio government has also asked every insured individual to submit a form of their policy claim to the insurance company and obtain an official claim number. They can even get the process done through an insurance agent but should make sure that their claim has been officially registered. 

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: ALASKA

Consulting with their insurance agents or brokers, insured people are requested to review their policy coverage to check if at all their losses qualify for the Business Interruption Insurance Alaska. If their losses have been caused due to the spread of the pandemic, they will be entitled to its benefits. They should immediately submit a claim to their insurer. 

Afterward, the insurance company would conduct a fair, impartial investigation of the claims made. In case the insurance company denies your claim, it has to furnish proper reasons and facts on which the rejection is based. 

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: LOUISIANA

The Louisiana Department of Insurance has received innumerable complaints and queries related to Business Interruption Insurance Louisiana coverage. Resultantly, the authorities have reviewed all forms submitted & the policies of the insured people who are demanding BII coverage. 

They have also reviewed various forms of the insurance services office and the American Association of Insurance Services. The officials are trying to settle the demands of the insured people as soon as possible so log on to the official website for any further assistance. 

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: COLORADO

Courts in Colorado have announced that the major consideration isn't whether a businessman's property has been damaged or not but weighing whether his property has become uninhabitable or unsafe to be used later. So if you are covered by the Business Interruption Insurance Colorado policy, you would have to prove what damages have been caused to your property due to the pandemic, in case of a claim. 


The Arkansas insurance department is trying its best to assist the Arkansas government in delivering important consumer information regarding the welfare of its inhabitants. It has laid down a few bulletins to inform its approach towards the Business Interruption Insurance Arkansas Policy. Stay tuned to the official government websites for more such guidelines. 

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: CONNECTICUT

Connecticut seems to be favorable for the insurance companies. Certain claims have been denied to be covered by the insurers. It is being said that, compelling insurers to cover the losses would cause substantially solvency risks, which is why Business Interruption Insurance Connecticut lawsuits are in the offing. Several businesses have been shut down which is leading to more & more people demanding compensation from insurance companies as a part of the BII coverage. Hopefully, the government will be taking some strict measures soon to ensure fair payment to the insured people.

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: DELAWARE

While most entrepreneurs are trying to do everything possible to save their businesses, it seems that Delaware insurance companies are also following the footsteps of Connecticut. After the lockdown was declared, a lot of businesses were forced to shut down. As a result, business owners have filed complaints and claims with their insurers only to be denied coverages. Many insurance companies are denying the Business Interruption Insurance Delaware coverage because they don't cover pandemics. Therefore, the best thing that insured or affected people can do is hire a business claims attorney and wait for the government to intervene like in the other states. 

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: MICHIGAN

Michigan has declared that anyone who didn't suffer a direct loss in their business during the pandemic cannot be provided with insurance coverage. Even the Michigan high court has declared its verdict in this favor. So, if you are covered by Business Interruption Insurance Michigan then you can claim coverage only in case of any direct damage. 

Business Interruption Insurance COVID-19: RHODE ISLAND

In Rhode Island, two bills have been passed recently which would impact the claim process of the Business Interruption Insurance Rhode Island Policy. Here, this coverage would be applicable for businesses having less than 100 workers. The bills also mention that insurers are obliged to pay the claims made by the insured people if they have the appropriate coverage in the policy. 

Smooth COVID-19 Business Interruption Insurance Claim Process Tips

Are you looking forward to reopening your business after suffering massive loss due to COVID-19? Then this is the right time to check out these 3 things that can help you to claim your insurance coverage.

  • Submit a claim form to your insurer for the losses you have suffered during this pandemic due to shut down orders. 

  • Go through the terms and conditions of the policy in detail. If required consult a lawyer and file a lawsuit. 

  • Also check if your policy entitles you to other benefits like the cost of public relations, decontamination, accounting & more. 

What Are The Governments Saying? 

Almost every state in the US has agreed that losses caused due to pandemics aren't covered directly by business interruption insurance policy. However, they have come forward to help affected businessmen in the best way possible. These bills passed in various state legislatures are regulated towards helping small businesses seek reimbursement from state funds that would be set up especially for providing businesses with financial help. 

As per the estimates of the American property-casualty insurance association, income losses for all firms having less than 100 employees would cost about $255–$431 billion per month. This is why the government as well as insurance agencies are coming together to support the entrepreneurs all over the nation, counting on their BII coverage to boost the financial condition of their business. 

What’s Next?

With the occurrence of this global pandemic, some major shortcomings and faults in the working of the private insurance market have come up. This has led to a major question as to, whether pandemics should be covered by insurers or not. 

Bills in certain states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Columbia, & South Carolina have still not been passed. In each one of these states, bills have been referred to the appropriate legislative committee for further action. If you are looking forward to claiming your Business Interruption Insurance Policy in any of these states, consult an attorney general. But at the same time, most of the US states have come forward to help the affected individuals who are covered by BII. So it’s not wrong to say that the faith of entrepreneurs on BII has been completely restored by this global pandemic. 

The final verdict! 

Well, if this pandemic has proved anything to the Americans, it’s that a business must always be insured against any such unpredictable events that might affect its stability & integrity. Even though few states are yet to come around, the way all the major states have come together to ensure proper funds for the covered individuals has inspired millions of uninsured people to opt for BII to secure the future of their business ventures too. So, yes there might be a surge in the number of BII covered entrepreneurs in the near future, because of what so many businessmen are experiencing nationwide right now. In case you are also looking for a BII coverage for your business, you can surely connect with any insurance company near you or log in to your state’s official website for useful information on the Business Interruption Insurance Policy.

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