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Everything You Need To Know About Bundling Home And Auto Insurance

A recent study have found that Americans are overpaying for their car insurance by nearly $37 billion per year! That’s the combined amount by every American who currently has an auto insurance policy. The per driver amount overpaid by Americans is $330 per year according to the study.

The recent pandemic put a lot of people in hard situations, and many are struggling to keep up with their bills. Apart from a mortgage on the home you ownand monthly car note, your monthly insurance costs are likely among the most expensive bills that you pay every month. Unlike most of your bills, though, it’s a legal requirement to possess at least basic insurance coverage on your home and car.

State governments require that all registered automobiles carry basic liability insurance coverage in order to pay for damages to other people’s cars and bodily injury. If you’re financing your home, then there’s a high chance that the bank also requires you to keep a homeowner’s insurance policy in order to protect their investment until you’re finished paying it off as well.

If you ask most homeowners whether they’ve bundled their home and auto insurance, some will look at you like they don’t know what you’re talking about while others will vehemently tell you that the decision to bundle home and auto insurance policies saved them thousands of dollars. You’ll rarely find somebody who tells you that it’s not a good idea to get bundle car and home insurance quotes together and combine it into a single joint policy.

If you’re new to the concept, bundling is simple. Most insurance companies provide various forms of insurance to customers, including:

When competition in the insurance market got stiff, companies came up with a great idea to retain more customers, make their existing customers’ lives easier and help their customers save more on their insurance policies - bundling . By allowing their customers to bundle home and auto insurance, for example, policyholders only have to pay a single monthly bill to a single company for both policies. This is a lot more convenient than having to remember two due dates and call two separate companies to make a payment.

The best part about bundling insurance policies together? You’ll usually save a significant amount of money!

Separately, home and auto insurance can get very expensive - especially if you’re paying for a full coverage auto insurance policy , our recommended choice for car insurance. In this page, we’re going to show you some of the top reasons why you should bundle insurance policies together and explain how to compare bundle car and home insurance quotes online today, rather than getting car insurance quotes and home insurance quotes separately.

Homeowners Insurance Statistics

First, let’s take a look at some quick statistics about homeowners insurance and auto insurance policies.

According to the United States Census Bureau, 65.8% of Americans own a home . This number is up slightly from 65.1% (which was recorded in the final quarter of 2019). Also, keep in mind that data collecting efforts could have been affected by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, so the actual number could be a little bit higher.

Technically, homeowners aren’t required to purchase insurance just because they own a property. However, most people purchase their homes through a bank and pay a mortgage. Nine times out of ten, the banks will require their lendees to maintain a homeotowner’s insurance policy in order to protect the bank’s investment (since they still own the property/home). This means that most homeowners have insurance.

Most people who own homes also own at least one vehicle as well. A recent study teaches that only 8.6% housing units in the U.S. do not have access to vehicles . Although we don't have statistics to provide you regarding the percentage of homeowners who bundle their home and auto insurance policies, we guarantee that many homeowners do not bundle their policies together and these Americans are overpaying hundreds of dollars a year, at least.

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Why You Should Bundle Home And Auto Insurance

Now that you have a better idea of the numbers, here are 2 top reasons to start looking at some home and auto insurance bundle quotes.

You’ll Save a Lot of Money!

The number one reason to bundle your two policies together (and any other recreational vehicle or business insurance policies, for that matter) is that you’ll save money. Remember, insurance companies are constantly fighting for your business, which is why they spend millions on Superbowl Ads. Their incentive for gaining more of your business is to give you discounts for purchasing more coverage.

On average, policyholders can save 19%, or $822 per year by bundling these two policies together!

Some companies, such as Allstate promise up to 25% bundle discounts and savings!

According to our most recent statistics, the average full coverage car insurance cost in the United States is $144 per month or $1,723 per year. On the other hand, the average homeowners insurance cost in the U.S. is $121 per month, or $1,450 per year. This means that the average American is paying almost $3,200 per year in insurance premiums for their home and auto.

Although there are plenty of ways to save money on car insurance or homeowner’s insurance individually, they may not give you the same discount as bundling will. If you were to bundle and save 19%, then you would be saving more than $600 every year and pay $214 per month or $2570 per year! That’s enough to pay for a weekend vacation or invest in a new stock or crypto currency!

Billing Is Simpler

The second reason to bundle your two policies together is that billing is simpler. You probably already have enough bills as is and adding another bill that you have to pay for another company’s coverage can add unneeded levels of stress to your life and make your monthly billing more complicated than it has to be.

If you bundle home and auto insurance, though, you’ll be able to not only save money but also consolidate two bills into a single monthly payment. This makes billing a lot easier as your time equals money as well. This means less time on the phone, less time scheduling auto-draft payments, and means that you can avoid late payments. Even if you are late on your payment, you’ll only pay one late fee instead of two late fees!

Teen Drivers? Save Even More by Adding Them to Your Bundled Policy

It can also come in handy if you plan on insuring teen drivers . If you’re a parent, then you’re probably well aware of how expensive they are to insure. This is because teens and young adults are far more likely to be involved in an automotive accident. One of the best ways to reduce their insurance cost is by adding them to your home and auto policy that’s already bundled at a reduced cost, you’ll likely pay less to add them to your insurance!

When you add your teens to your bundled auto policy, you’ll still pay a little bit extra for them, but it won’t be anywhere near as much as you would pay with a single auto policy.

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How To Compare Home And Auto Insurance Quotes

By now, hopefully, we’ve been able to convince you of the efficacy of bundling insurance together with the same provider. If you’re wondering how to bundle policies, it’s actually pretty easy. Most insurance companies allow you to cancel your policy at any time without having to pay a cancellation fee. This makes it easy to drop one insurer and bundle with your other insurer or switch to an entirely new insurance provider altogether!

Calling Around

If you’re looking to complete a home and auto insurance bundle comparison, the most traditional way is simply calling around to different insurance companies and agents. Most of the agents you speak to on the phone are insurance salespeople, and you may find that they can hook you up with the best deals in the state.

Home and Auto Insurance Bundle Comparison Online

The one drawback of old-school phone calls is that they take time and energy. If you’re looking for a quicker way to receive home and auto insurance bundle quotes, then your best bet is to use online quote-comparing tools. You can use our tool. Just click through to the websites of the insurance companies that you would like to get auto and home insurance quotes from, enter some basic information and provide details about your car and home. Within 24 to 48 hours, the latest, you’ll receive offers from these companies and services and you will be able to compare home and auto insurance quotes to find the best bundle deal!

How To Bundle Home And Auto Insurance

Bundling your home and auto insurance is incredibly easy. Providing that your insurer of choice provides both home and auto insurance (which they likely do ), all you have to do is either comparebundle car and home insurance quotesonline or contact a representative and explain to them that you would like to bundle your two policies together. There’s no special eligibility, and anybody can bundle their policy.

The only “difficult” part of bundling your home and auto insurance is cancelling one of your policies. For example, if you have auto insurance with GEICO and home insurance with Allstate, you’ll have to decide which company you want to go with and cancel one of your policies with the other company.

Thankfully, though, most insurance providers allow customers to cancel their policies at a moment’s notice, and most won’t even charge you an early cancellation fee! Before you decide which company you want to bundle with, make sure that you request a quote from both companies.

It’s also not a bad idea to get a quote from other third-party insurers. Maybe the best deal is to cancel both of your individual policies and go with an entirely new insurer!

How Soon Can I Bundle Home And Auto Insurance?

Once you tell the insurer that you would like to bundle your policies together, it usually won’t take more than a few days to finalize all of the necessary documents. The only part that can take some time is if you have to cancel one or both of your individual policies. If you’ve already paid your premium for the month, then it may be a good idea to wait until your next billing period to finalize the bundling.

That being said, though, you can go ahead and get your new bundled policy all set up so that all you need to do is make a final call and make your initial payment once you’re ready to finalize the transaction.

Can Any Insurer Bundle Home And Auto Insurance?

Bundling your home and auto insurance is a relatively simple process, no matter who you’re working with. However, you will want to double-check and make sure that your current insurer (or the insurance provider you’re looking at) provides both home and auto insurance, as well as a bundle option.

Most mid-sized and major property insurance providers do allow bundling as it’s a popular option. In addition to saving you money, bundling also benefits the insurance company because it means that they’re more likely to retain a loyal customer for the long-term by giving them a better deal.

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