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We hustle every day to serve you the 10 best Lenders mortgage insurance companies and agents based on their Insuranks Score.

Insuranks Score is the sum aggregation of the total average scores and rankings that insurers received from insuranks community members, aka insurankers, for their experience with the most important aspects insurance companies and agents must excel in! 

Things like...

  • Your overall satisfaction
  • How good/bad they handled your claims, if any
  • How good/bad is their customer service - which is how you rank their approachability, accessibility, availability, accuracy, courtesy, patience and pleasantfulness displayed when responding to your requests
  • The value you received for the money you paid
  • How fast was their service
  • How fast they wrote and delivered your policies from the moment it was purchased
  • How broad was the coverage that they provided you with
  • How personalized was their advice for YOUR individual voice and needs
  • Client-First Approach - How well did they put your needs ahead of theirs. How well did they recommend products that pay lower commission because it better fit your needs 
  • The level of added value they brought to the table
  • Their level of knowledge and expertise
  • Their level of profassionalism
  • Their level of dedication
  • Their level of emotional intelligence and listening skills. How much tactfulness, open heartedness, sensitivity, listening and emphatizing they were with you on a deeper level to recognize your true needs and wishes
  • Energy Level - what was their level of excitement, passion, enthusiasm and eagerness?
  • Trustworthiness, honesty and reliability. How comfortable are people putting your lives in their hands?
  • How much technical Knowledge they had
  • How good they are in financial planning
  • How communicative they are? were they explaining things on a level that every person can understand versus using industry jargon?
  • Persistence - how they have dealt with your rejections
  • How you were treated after your purchases
  • Were they checking you periodically to find out about changes that might affect the policy?
  • How informing they were on industry updates
  • How good they were at resolving your problems

All of these together determine the insurer's Insuranks Score, which is served to you all over the platform, when you receive quotes at The Marketplace, when you look out for the top 10 insurers for any insurance category, when you simply browse through insurers and whenever you communicate and/or engage with insurers around the platform, in order to make your insurance experience (and savings!) 1200% astonishing!


To compare Lenders mortgage insurance quotes through   The Marketplace and save yourself time, hassle and lots of money in your bank account for years to come while improving the global Lenders mortgage insurance experience, simply follow these steps!


1. Sign up - Become an img (opens in a new window so you can work with both screens)

2. Complete your insuranker profile

Example profile creation screenshot:

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Friendly Lenders mortgage insurance Comparison

3. Take your Lenders mortgage insurance to   The Marketplace  and get personalized, free Lenders mortgage insurance quotes and plans emailed straight to your inbox in real time from the best Lenders mortgage insurance companies and agents near you!

 Example insurance quote email screenshot:


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4. Compare cheap Lenders mortgage insurance quotes, plans and rates online and select the best, cheapest, most comprehensive, broadest, FULL-COVERAGE Lenders mortgage insurance plan!  


Example marketplace screenshots: (the displayed rates are just for the example)

Insurance quotes requests at the marketplace - Insurankers mobile version top 5 insurance quotes at the marketplace - insurankers mobile version


 5. Buy and manage your Lenders mortgage insurance policy online securely

 Example purchased policy and invoice screenshots:

purchased insurance policies at the marketplace - insurankers mobile version  insurance purchase invoice - insurankers


 6. Repeat with all of your other insurance policies!

Example quote requests management screenshot:

Insurance quotes requests overview - insuranker mobile version


Determine Your Lenders mortgage insurance Companies and Agents Ranking

7. Do your part to help others and improve the global Lenders mortgage insurance experience by ranking your experience with your chosen insurers

 Example agent profile and posted rankings screenshots:

Insurance agent Insuranks profile - mobile version  Insuranker ranking review of insurance company and agent services








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10 Best Lenders mortgage insurance Companies & Agents Based on The Insuranks Community Rankings

Click on insurer names to view their full profile which includes all of their aggregated rankings, contact and social information, about section, discounts and special offers, certifications, spoken languages(agents only), carriers they work with(agents only), insurance products offered, locations served, business hours, reviews and more.