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What is Insuranks?

Whenever you are looking for Workers compensation employee insurance near you, Insuranks helps you find the best service providers in your area and lets you receive and compare unlimited free personalized quotes, instantly and securely, and shop around from the best companies, agencies, agents (both captive and independent) and brokers while serving you their Insuranks Score - their ultimate ranking on the website, a consumer-experience-based average total ranking of the overall consumer experience with that insurer/producer! This helps you make better and smarter Workers compensation employee insurance decisions that eliminate your insurance risk and pain while maximizing your rewards, benefits, savings & pleasure!

Insuranks Score is the sum aggregation of the total average scores/rankings that the insurer/producer has received from consumers, which we also call Insurankers, for the most important aspects insurance service providers must strive to excel in! Things like...

  • The overall satisfaction from the given service
  • How good they handled claims
  • How good was their customer service - how consumers ranked their approachability, accessibility, availability, accuracy, courtesy, patience and pleasantfulness displayed when responding to requests
  • The received value for the paid money
  • How fast was the service
  • How fast they wrote and delivered the policies from the moment it was purchased
  • How broad was the coverage that they provided 
  • How personalized was their advice for the consumers individual needs and requirements
  • Client-First Approach: How well they are putting the consumer needs ahead of theirs. Did they recommend products that pay lower commission because it better fit consumers needs, etc. 
  • The level of added value they have brought to the table
  • Their level of knowledge and expertise
  • Their level of professionalism
  • Their level of dedication
  • Their level of emotional intelligence and listening skills. How much tactfulness, open heartedness, sensitivity, listening and emphatizing they were on a deeper level to recognize the consumers true needs and wishes
  • Energy Level: What was their level of excitement, passion, enthusiasm and eagerness
  • Trustworthiness, honesty and reliability. How comfortable were consumers putting their lives in their hands
  • How much technical Knowledge they had
  • How good they are in financial planning
  • How communicative were they: were they explaining things on a level that every person can understand versus using industry jargon
  • Persistence - how they have dealt with consumer rejections
  • How well were the consumers treated after their purchases
  • Were they checking on consumers periodically to find out about changes that might affect the policy
  • How informing they were on industry updates
  • How good they were at resolving consumer problems

All of these together determine the Insuranks Score of every insurance service provider on the site, a score that is being served to you, insurance shoppers, all over the platform - whether it's when you receive your quotes from the marketplace, when you browse through the top 10 insurers/producers rankings, when you simply browse through insurance service providers around the site and whenever you communicate, interact and engage with any insurance service provider on the website - to simply make your insurance experience absolutely ASTONISHING, SIMPLE & POSITIVE!

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Friendly Cheap Workers compensation employee insurance Quotes Comparison & Shopping in One Place.

Follow the steps below to compare Workers compensation employee insurance quotes side by side from different companies and agents through the marketplace and save yourself time, hassle, unnecessary headaches and plenty of money in your bank account.


1. SIGN UP. 

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Create quote requests for all your insurance needs and take your Workers compensation employee insurance to The Marketplace to get unlimited personalized, free Workers compensation employee insurance quotes and plans emailed straight to your inbox online in real time from the best Workers compensation employee insurance companies and agents near you - whether you have excellent or poor/bad credit and claims history and whether you're looking for a simple coverage or a full, broad and advanced Workers compensation employee insurance coverage that will cover you from all sides. And whether you have big budget or a modest amount to invest in your Workers compensation employee insurance insurance, just take it to the marketplace and start collecting and comparing bids from the different agents & carriers.   


Compare cheap Workers compensation employee insurance quotes online, shop around for plans and rates through the personalized comparison chart and get the best, cheapest, most comprehensive, broadest Workers compensation employee insurance coverage for your need, whether you're looking for full coverage or partial coverage.  



Purchase and manage your Workers compensation employee insurance policy online securely and easily from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. 


Repeat with your other insurance needs to take complete control of insurance in your life.

7. RANK. 

Rank your experience with the Workers compensation employee insurance company and agent to help others by determine their true level of service and improve the overall Workers compensation employee insurance experience. 


Sharing is caring. Spread the word and tell your friends and family about our free service for their benefit and lift their Workers compensation employee insurance experience too!




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What Are Workers compensation employee insurance Quotes? 

A Workers compensation employee insurance quote is an estimate for what your Workers compensation employee insurance coverage would actually cover for you and what its rate would be with a given insurance carrier. The quote can be estimated by the carrier itself, by an insurance agent or broker, or by an aggregator such as ours. The quote is determined by the information you provide to the quote giver and is mostly tailored and customized to your own specific needs and consumer background as described by yourself at the time of requesting the quote. The more information you provide to the quote giver, the more accurate the estimate price is.

Quotes that are given through agents or brokers often include their own commission that is being paid by the insurance carrier as a percentage from the premium itself. While some captive agents receive salaries, most agents and brokers rely on their commissions for their income and this is how they make money. Their commission can range anywhere from 0-1% for some annuities policies, 8-20% for car and home insurance to 40-100+% for some life insurance policies, on the first year of the policy. They also earn their money every time you renew your policy, mostly from 1-2% for life insurance renewals (zero after three years) to 2-5% (some even receive up to 15%) for car and home insurance renewals. However, going for the cheapest premium is not something that we always recommend, sometimes it is better to pay more for a premium that covers you well and answer all of your specific and personal needs.

Captive insurance agents only give you quotes from the one insurance carrier that they work for and represent and they might be encouraged by that company to sell you certain products and policies that meet the carrier goals.

Individual insurance agents normally represent a number of insurance companies/carriers and sell the products that best match your needs as their client. They are usually well trained and are very familiar with the insurance market, insurance law and regulation.

Comparing quotes with Insuranks lets you enjoy all worlds... having carriers, captive agents, individual agents and brokers near you give you their best rates, offers, coverage options and discounts on your desired protection, to receive your valued business.

You can then see all of the quotes you received in front of your eyes along with the carrier and agent reputation, their Insuranks Score, a consumer-experience-based score next to it, to help you make the best possible decision from a wide variety of options, all in one place.

This way you will find out who can offer you the best, cheapest Workers compensation employee insurance for your particular needs, wants and interests which also gives the best possible service! Be sure to check how other consumers have ranked the agent and the company through their profiles!

Using Insuranks you can also get covered for shorter periods of time and take your Workers compensation employee insurance back to the marketplace to shop around a little more and try to receive an even better price, coverage and service!

It is important to note that Workers compensation employee insurance quotes do not affect your credit score in any way. However, every time an insurance company is accessing your credit report an inquiry is added to it, these inquiries have no effect on your credit score.  


How long does it take to get a Workers compensation employee insurance quote? It depends. Getting one quote shouldn't take long, however, sometimes it is better to take your time with it and provide as much information as possible, so you can get the most accurate quotes. Using Insuranks, you only fill in your quote request once and receive quotes from unlimited agents, brokers and carriers.






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